Tire store sees extra business during pothole season

The wet weather could make for a bumpy and slippery ride Monday in some parts of the borough.
News 12’s Joanna Hernandez was out in Thunderbolt 12 checking out some of the roads still dealing with potholes.
One is on Mosholu Parkway, which is a busy road, making it hard to swerve safely.
One viewer told News 12 that two of her tires popped driving on Westchester Avenue.
The owner of a tire shop in the borough says people come in every day because of potholes.
“This is an everyday thing here in the Bronx,” the owner says. “In a month, I have dozens of people who come because they drove past a pothole.”

The Department of Transportation was out filling potholes in over 30 spots in the Bronx, and other areas of New York City.
The city says it plans on tackling even more potholes now that the winter weather seems to be over.
Anyone who notices a pothole can report it to 311.