Tips to reduce COVID-19 risk if you’re voting in person this year

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has advice on how to safely vote in person this Election Day.
Election officials encouraged voters to consider voting by mail or using secure ballot drop boxes, but anyone planning to vote in person Tuesday can still reduce their risk. 
Vote at off-peak times:
The CDC says mid-morning tends to be the best window to head to the polls. 
Review your ballot:
The CDC advises limiting your time at the polling place. By reviewing your sample ballot in advance, you can quickly fill out your real one.
Bring your own pen:
New York, New Jersey and Connecticut are all using paper ballots, so you may want to bring your own pen - just make sure it has black ink.
Avoid loud conversations:
Talking releases 10 times more virus particles than breathing, and talking loudly can release 50 times as many particles.
Lines outside polling places aren’t much of a risk as long as masks are worn and social distancing is practiced, as coronavirus particles dissipate quickly outdoors.
If you have an absentee ballot, the CDC says the safest way to vote between now and Election Day is to use a secure ballot box. Those boxes are open 24 hours a day until the polls closes. There’s usually at least one in every town. Find the one closest to you: