Torrential downpours create flash flooding throughout New York City

New York City saw torrential downpours for the better part of Sunday before the rain finally made its exit in the evening.
The rain led to flash floods on Hamilton Avenue in Brooklyn around 11:30 p.m., as a lot of water accumulated on the roadway. The accumulating rain essentially turned the road into a pond, which created hazardous conditions for drivers.
The Bronx also saw a significant amount of heavy rain from morning into the afternoon. A video recorded in the Wakefield neighborhood around 11 a.m. shows a messy, wet morning for both commuters and pedestrians.
There were no major damages or injuries as a result of Sunday's flash floods. The storm, however, was more severe in other parts of the state.
Gov. Kathy Hochul held a briefing on the storm earlier the day to update New Yorkers on conditions
"This is possibly our new normal. This is the kind of weather, which should be a beautiful beach-going Sunday in July, can turn into a devastating catastrophe because of Mother Nature," Hochul said.