Activists: 2020 on track to be one of the deadliest years on NYC streets for pedestrians, cyclists

Activists from the group Transportation Alternatives have launched a battle against what they call traffic violence after another pedestrian was hit and killed in the Bronx.
"We're obviously facing an epidemic of COVID, but there's another epidemic of traffic violence and we have a proven care for it," says Danny Harris, executive director of Transportation Alternatives.
The group says 2020 is on track to be one of the deadliest years on the streets for pedestrians and cyclists. Transportation Alternatives says there have been more than 50 pedestrian deaths in the Bronx alone.
Harris says pedestrians and cyclists can't always be the ones at fault. He says streets need to be built for mistakes.
The latest incident happened early Monday. Police responded to Soundview Avenue where they say a van struck and killed a 67-year-old man. Police say the driver hit the man while he was crossing mid-block.
"Every traffic death is preventable, and it starts when our city will prioritize human life over the convenience of drivers," says Harris.
Residents say Soundview Avenue is a tricky area with cars driving at high speeds and pedestrians crossing in the middle of the block.
Transportation Alternatives says the mayor needs to take control of the streets and make the necessary changes needed to keep people safe.