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Trial begins of horse carriage owner accused of abusing his animal

The horse carriage owner is accused of abusing his horse in August 2022.   

Ashley Mastronardi

May 30, 2024, 11:47 PM

Updated 21 days ago


Animal advocates gathered outside of Manhattan Criminal Court to bring attention to the trial of Ian McKeever, a horse carriage owner who is accused of abusing his horse in plain sight in August 2022.
According to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, after his horse, Ryder, collapsed, McKeever is accused of repeatedly trying to force him to stand and using a whip.
McKeever is also accused of not giving Ryder any water, despite the 84-degree weather. Ryder died less than two months later.
Advocates are calling for McKeever’s conviction and for the horse carriage industry to be shut down completely.
“There’s no reason that the horse carriage industry should exist in NYC, that’s why my bill will actually ban all horse carriages and there won’t be a replacement with electric carriages,” Queens Councilmember Robert Holden told the crowd.
News 12 reached out to McKeever's attorney for comment, but he said he’s not ready to give a statement.
Witnesses in court say a plea deal was offered but rejected.
The next court date is set for July 15.

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