Truck hits train track pillar in Bath Beach; 2 hospitalized

Two people were hospitalized when a truck struck a person and a train track pillar in Bath Beach Friday afternoon.
It happened at 2322 86th St. around 2 p.m. Police say a 63-year-old man driving the truck hit a curb and a male victim who was on a skateboard. They say the truck then slammed into a restaurant.
The driver then tried to reverse and hit a 24-year-old woman who was nearby, and then slammed into a column under the train tracks, authorities say.
The male victim was taken to Coney Island Hospital and is in critical condition. The woman was taken to Maimonides Hospital and is expected to be OK.
"A bone popping out of his forearm, gashes in head, looked like from the glass. Just blood all over," says one witness.
Police believe the driver attempted to leave the scene. He was arrested, and charges are pending.