TSA advises all fliers to come prepared during major Labor Day weekend travel

If you’re one of the millions of travelers hitting the skies this Labor Day weekend, the Transportation Security Administration says you should be prepared for delays at the airport.
According to the agency, Friday will be the busiest day of the weekend with more than 2.7 million travelers passing through security checkpoints.
They say they plan on screening more than 14 million travelers from Sept. 1, 2023 through Sept. 6, 2023, following a trend they’ve been seeing all summer.
Since Memorial Day weekend, the Security Administration says an average of 2.5 million travelers have been screened daily, making the 2023 summer travel period the busiest on record.
Those heading to the airport are advised to arrive early, pack properly, familiarize yourself with TSA’s liquids rule and have acceptable IDs out and ready.