Uber drivers launch 24-hour strike in New York City over raise halt

Uber drivers slammed the brakes on work to go on strike Thursday after they say they’ve lost out on about $12 million in raises.
The Taxi Limousine Commission originally green lit a $1,000 per month raise for drivers to make up for the steep inflation in costs for drivers. That raise was supposed to go into effect on Dec. 19. Shortly after, Uber sued to stop the raise.
In the court filing, Uber says it charged passengers 48% more in September 2022 compared to 2019.
This marks the second drivers' strike for the company. The first one was held a week before Christmas. The 24-hour strike included a rally outside of Uber’s New York City headquarters that started at noon.
As a sign of solidarity, Uber drivers asked people who have the Uber app to turn it off for 24 hours.
Uber released a statement saying, "Every time the taxi association calls for a strike, drivers demonstrate they're more interested in delivering for New Yorkers than social media discourse. We expect this time will be no different."