UFT: More than 850 Title I schools have the space to meet NY’s class size law

This comes after a bill was passed in 2022 mandating that public schools cap class sizes by 2027.

Samantha Chaney, Faith Graham and

News 12 Staff

May 7, 2024, 9:56 AM

Updated 17 days ago


The president of the United Federation of Teachers announced Tuesday morning that hundreds of schools across the city have the space to prevent overcrowded classrooms, meeting the state’s class size law.
Overcrowded classes in New York City has been an issue for students, parents and staff. Getting smaller classes is the priority for the teacher's union, and that’s exactly what they say the state’s class size law will address.
Under the new law, the number of students in each class will be lowered to:
  • K-3rd grade classes - 20 students
  • 3rd-8th grade class - 23 students
  • 9th-12th grade classes - 25 students
The union says the city has met that requirement this year. Officials say the process could be expedited to meet the needs of children and the teachers who are educating them.
The union president announced that 856 Title I schools across the city already have enough space to implement these smaller class sizes. The Bronx Compass High School and Brooklyn's School of Math, Science & Healthy Living elementary school are included.
The president also said they’re working with CUNY, SUNY and private colleges to recruit more teachers.

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