Uniformed Firefighters Association: Over 70 FDNY personnel to be fired over vaccine status

Over 70 FDNY personnel are set to be laid off over their vaccination status, according to the Uniformed Firefighters Association.
The president of the Uniformed Firefighters Association said Thursday the firefighters are being punished for a mandate that is long past, and asked that the firefighters be allowed to continue to work until the courts decide the legality of these layoffs.
This comes after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently relaxed COVID-19 vaccine restrictions.
"New York City firefighters are facing a mandate that is long past, it's useless and they deserve their day in court, they deserve to have their deeply held beliefs given the proper consideration under New York City, New York state human rights laws," said Uniformed Firefighters Association president Andrew Ansbroro. "We're asking that all New York City firefighters be allowed to work for all citizens of New York City."  
News 12 has reached out to City Hall and is awaiting their response.