United Way: Bronx, Brooklyn among hardest hit communities from inflation, COVID-19 pandemic

A new report from The United Way of New York shows half of all New Yorkers are having difficulties paying for basic necessities amid surging inflation.
The number of households that did not have enough income to cover costs like rent or health care was 36% in 2021, and now it's up to 50%.
"The cost of child care, food, housing, transportation have all gone up," says Grace Bonilla, of UWNYC. "Earnings have not kept up."
People of color account for almost 80% of those without enough income.
The Bronx has the highest poverty rate, according to the report, while Brooklyn has many pockets that are struggling, as well. Communities like Bensonhurst and East New York were found to have 60% of families living in poverty.
Bonilla says it's important for government officials to factor cost of living when they are measuring poverty, as well. New Yorkers voted that practice into law last November, and the hope is that more resources could soon follow as a result.