Virology expert talks flu season, Adderall shortage, and new research on global epidemic of cancer for those younger than 50

This morning, News 12's Elizabeth Hashagen was joined by physician-scientist Dr. Daniel Griffin, MD phD, on some timely health matters heading into colder months.
Dr. Griffin, co-host of the "This Week in Virology" podcast, speaks to the new research suggesting a global epidemic of cancer may be emerging among people younger than 50.
The Columbia University clinical instructor of medicine argued that while many people, including himself, have been focused on COVID, now is the time to re-connect with your primary care physician to detect things like early onset cancers.
Dr. Griffin also looks at indications that U.S. health officials are preparing for a potentially rough flu season. He says that based on the flu season in the southern hemisphere this year, "unless we really step up, we are anticipating a really bad flu season."
And while some doctors are preparing for a difficult flu season, some patients are starting to grow concerned over a nationwide shortage of Adderall, which was just confirmed by the FDA.
Additionally, mental health issues are coming to the forefront in a new way as experts recommend regular screenings for children as young as eight. 
And on the topic of regular screenings, new breast cancer numbers suggest some major racial disparities despite the overall progress nationwide.