Volunteers remove 26 hypodermic needles, 50 bags of garbage from Coney Island Creek Park

Volunteers helped to clean Coney Island Creek Park on Monday.
The initiative was organized by concerned residents Steven Patzer, Andrew Windsor and Ahmed Mohamed. They sent out flyers to recruit volunteers from all around Brooklyn.
The two even used their own money for supplies like gloves and tools.
"We are also doing this to set an example to clean up after yourselves and to send a message to the Parks Department that this is not the first cleanup here and I am hoping that it will be one of the last," Patzer said.
The Parks Department told News 12 that they welcome community involvement and typically nature areas don't have trash cans, benches or lighting.
They also added a statement that reads, "Our team works hard to maintain Coney Island Creek Park and we clean the beach weekly. We will inspect the park for cleanliness and address any issues accordingly."
Volunteers say they collected 26 hypodermic needles and carried out 50 garbage bags.