Vote 2021: Orange County Executive Neuhaus runs for third time unopposed

Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus will be running for a third term unopposed.
The Republican says his focus is on restoring interest and flights at Stewart Airport, the budget, managing the pandemic and police reform - including adding body cameras for sheriff's deputies and probation officers come Jan. 1.
The Navy veteran credits his success and popularity with voters on his record of improving finances, economic development, tourism and quality of life.
"I've been very lucky. This county and community is very supportive of me. Two years ago, I was in Iraq. Nobody gave me a hard time. Republican or Democrat, people came out to support me and we have a strong record not only getting ourselves through the pandemic but restoring our financial strength," he says.
While the Republican is running unopposed, there are a number of races up for grabs in Orange County, including two-thirds of the Legislature, the county clerk and nine town supervisor seats.