Gov. Hochul announces 'conceptual agreement' reached on 2024 state budget

The budget includes strengthening bail reform laws that critics have said were too lenient.

Doug Geed

Apr 27, 2023, 11:24 PM

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Gov. Kathy Hochul announced Thursday that a "conceptual agreement" has been reached on the 2024 state budget.

The budget includes strengthening bail reform laws that critics have said were too lenient. 

Hochul has insisted on closing provisions that allowed violent criminals who were freed to commit new crimes.

"The agreement removes what is known as the least restrictive mean standard, which many judges have said tied their hands," Hochul said. "It gives judges discretion if they need to hold violent criminals accountable."

Hochul also announced an investment of more than $1 billion to rebuild the state's mental health care system, as well as a record $34.5 billion investment in state schools.
She said that the budget will advance zero-emission buildings and provide $400 million for utility bill relief.
Hochul says the state is also expanding the Child Tax Credit to include children under 4 years old.
In addition, she says to tackle the affordability crisis, the state budget will increase the minimum wage and tie future wage increases to inflation.
Hochul's controversial proposal to mandate that municipalities increase new home building to attack the affordable housing crisis will not be in the budget.

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