‘We didn’t do that to the Germans.’ Racism, discrimination highlighted amid Russia, Ukraine tension

As war rages on in Ukraine and Russian attacks continue relentlessly, a more silent battle is reportedly happening as hundreds of thousands flee from Ukraine's racism and discrimination.
Stories of Black and brown people being denied entry to countries like Poland are making headlines, and claims they’re being passed over for white refugees are causing a stir. 
Dr. Maria Delongoria, associate professor of history and Chair of Social and Behavior Science at Medgers Evers College, says this type of discrimination during wartime is not unique to what is going on now. 
“Also, in World War 2 - in the same war - we had what the U.S. did to the Japanese on the west coast in the internment camps. We didn’t do that to the Germans or the Italians and we were at war with the Italians and Germans as well as Japan,” said Dr. Delongoria. 
The United Nations officially acknowledged that there have been cases of racism at Ukraine’s borders and is condemning it.
Ukraine officials also denounced inequity at its borders, saying Africans need to have equal opportunities to get their home countries safely.