WEATHER TO WATCH: Rain returns for another wet weekend

News 12 Storm Watch Meteorologist Alex Calamia says Saturday will see steady light to moderate rain across the area that's set to end early Sunday morning.
TODAY: Rain beginning between 8-9am. Steady light to moderate rain continues through the day and most of the evening. Rain ends close to 11pm with a few stray showers overnight and into early Sunday morning. Highs near 57. Lows near 50.
SUNDAY: A few stray showers early with overcast, then breaks in the clouds give way to some sunshine later in the day. Highs near 60. Lows near 50.
MONDAY: Mostly cloudy. Highs near 61. Lows near 52.
TUESDAY: Mostly cloudy with a chance of a few light showers or sprinkles. Highs near 59. Lows near 49.
WEDNESDAY - FRIDAY: Partly sunny. Highs remain in the low-mid 60s and lows remain in the low-mid 50s.