Mostly sunny and warm for the rest of the week ahead of stormy weekend

WHAT’S NEW: Sunnier skies and warmer temperatures are on the way for the rest of the workweek.
WHAT’S NEXT: Heating up as we approach the holiday. Highs near 90 by Friday, with some storms likely Saturday and Sunday.
Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Alex Calamia says skies are set to clear for the rest of the week ahead of a stormy weekend. 
Tuesday: Sunny and pleasant. Highs upper-70s.
Wednesday: Mostly sunny. highs lower-80s.
Thursday: Heat and humidity increase. highs middle and upper-80s. Skies mostly sunny. 
Friday: Mostly sunny. Hot and humid. Highs near 90.
Saturday - Weather to Watch: Sun and clouds with PM storms expected. Highs around 90.
Sunday: Mostly cloudy. Thunderstorms possible. Cools off to lower-80s.
Monday - Fourth of July: Mostly sunny and not as hot. Highs around 80.