WEATHER TO WATCH: Scattered showers and cloudy skies for NYC

News 12 Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Mike Rizzo says to expect scattered showers and cloudy skies.
TODAY: Cloudy and cool. Showers with a few scattered downpours. Highs near 66. Lows near 58.
Saturday: Showers ending. Limited sunshine, cool and windy. Highs near 63. Lows near 52.
Sunday: Partly sunny, much cooler and gusty. Highs near 56. Lows near 45.
Monday: Brisk start. Mostly sunny, cooler, and breezy. Highs near 54. Lows near 43.
Tuesday: Cold start! Sunny, breezy and still cool. Not as harsh. Highs near 58. Lows near 47. 
Wednesday: Not as harsh, less breezy, sunny and seasonable. Highs near 64. Lows near 48.