Wegmans Grocery Store opens up first NYC location in Brooklyn Navy Yard

Shoppers flocked to the Brooklyn Navy Yard for the grand opening of Wegmans Grocery Store Sunday.
The well-known food market is the first of its kind in New York City, but is popular in Maryland, upstate New York and New Jersey.
People waited in the rain on a line wrapped around the store to get in at 7 a.m. Workers with umbrellas were also there to make sure shoppers were able to stay dry as they walked to their cars.
Customers told News 12 that they had good experiences at Wegmans in different places, so they were very excited to have their own Wegmans here in Brooklyn.
"I grew up in Syracuse so we've been waiting decades for a Wegmans in the New York area," one shopper said. "So we are just thrilled."
Other shoppers say the prices, wide selection and customer service are what make the store great.