'We're demanding basic needs.' Brooklyn tenants face filthy conditions after maintenance crew fired

A group of Brooklyn tenants are calling for change after they have been living without the help of a maintenance crew in their building for nearly two months.
Residents of Fulton Park Plaza Apartment Complex say they've been living in deplorable conditions after their maintenance staff was fired.
They tell News 12 the building smells like dead animals and urine, and that there is a major rodent infestation.
Tenants are concerned that the building, which houses nearly 300 units, is a health hazard.
They held a meeting Tuesday night and invited their landlord in the hope of getting their building clean enough to live in comfortably.
"It looks like trash buildings, where garbage shoots are sometimes going up two or three stories. It looks like hundreds of bags of trash,” says community organizer Michael Higgins. “We’re demanding basic needs. Again, these tenants pay rent every month and that should come with a certain level of service and respect."
News 12 reached out to the management company for the building and is waiting to hear back.