We’re Open: Brooklyn Tea

Brooklyn Tea has been open-ish, as the owners like to say, throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Now, the Crown Heights couple is taking steps to accommodate customers with health regulations in place. 
Brooklyn-born business owner Alfonso Wright, had a drive-thru for tea at three years old. Partnering up with his fiancé, Jamila Mcgill, they created a brick and mortar Brooklyn tea shop in 2018 to serve as a community space. 
However, the pandemic changed up its operations. 
"We increased our social media content so we do more videos now, we post more often just so people who are accustomed to coming in here and seeing our faces can still see us, sheltering in place,” said Wright. 
During the pandemic, the shop realized it could be a resource in fostering good health. It extended online orders and even offered delivery. 
"What we try to do here is make tea less pretentious, to make it simple. If you're new to tea, we try to walk you through things that are familiar to you,” said Wright.