We're Open: Melanie's Roti in Castle Hill

Melanie's Roti has been a staple in the Castle Hill area for more than a decade and during the pandemic the owner has made some changes to stay afloat.
Suneta Naraine, owner of Melanie's Roti, says business has gone down about 80% in the last year. Naraine says the business is struggling but she keeps trying.
"Today you do well, tomorrow you have to do better - so you have to be very creative and think of other ways how to reach more clients and more customers," says Naraine.
Naraine says outdoor dining is part of what's keeping the go-to West Indian restaurant open.
"Without the outdoor structures, we wouldn't be able to survive," says Naraine. "But is it 100%? No, because we're limited to the outdoor seating."
Takeout and delivery now account for the bulk of the business. One of the fan favorites at the restaurant is the fried rice.
Naraine owns the restaurant with her husband and says they did have to cut back on staff. She says they are grateful for the support from their customers.