'Whether you like it or not it's here.' Educator, expert weigh pros and cons of AI

With the world's introduction to artificial intelligence, there may be some pros and cons to consider when putting it to use.
Advanced technology has now made real-time search and generated answers easily accessible. This is a tool NYU Tandon industry professor De Angela L. Duff says can be beneficial but could also challenge learning skills. "It is auto predicting on how to combine words. You don't get anything innovative; you don't get anything novel, today. I mean that might change months from now or years from now,' says Duff.
Some growing concerns are that artificial intelligence could be used for assignments in the classroom, but educators say it's not that easy. "Getting students, teenagers who at times can be lazy, I can be lazy too to be able to acknowledge that, that it can be a tool, a resource and not do my work for me," says Marisa Shuman at The Young Women's Leadership School of the Bronx.
"They prompted me and said Miss can you please get Chat GPT to write us a lesson and so we did that, and they did a lesson on wearable technology and then critiqued it, and the overwhelming decision was that the lesson that Chat GPT made was not as engaging or informative as the lesson that I made," says Shuman.
Experts say AI is here now and most definitely is here to stay.