WHO releases guidance on reducing monkeypox exposure

After 1,148 positive monkeypox cases have been diagnosed in New York City, the World Health Organization is urging at-risk groups to try and limit their number of sexual partners in an effort to reduce the spread of the virus.
It was officially declared a global health emergency Saturday. Dr. Tedors, WHO's director general, says the outbreak is something that can be stopped.
He says for men who have sex with men, reducing exposure includes reducing your number of sexual partners, reconsidering sex with new partners and exchanging contact information with any new partners to enable follow up if needed.
Anybody is at risk of contracting and spreading the virus through activities like sex, skin to skin contact, kissing and even coming in contact with bed sheets or clothing used by someone actively carrying monkeypox.
Omari Scott, director of development and communications with the Brooklyn Community Pride Center, shared a message on the stigma surrounding the virus.
"It’s important for everybody to be cautious of their daily activities right. We’ve seen stigma within our community when it comes to the HIV outbreak. We’ve seen stigma when it comes to covid. and were seeing it again with monkeypox. and we know that it doesn’t help. it’s not a public health solution and it’s not any way to treat this virus. It’s not any way to treat our community."
Vaccination is also key to reducing the chances of catching virus and even reducing symptoms if you do contract it. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, nearly 800,000 more doses of the monkeypox vaccine will become available to Americans very soon.