Williamsburg chocolate factory offers farm-to-table cocoa bean tastings

Williamsburg chocolate factory offers farm-to-table cocoa bean tastings

A factory in Williamsburg is offering farm-to-table cocoa bean tastings to satisfy a sweet tooth and educate about chocolate.

Kah Kow USA, located on North 10 Street, brings sweet Caribbean flavors to Williamsburg.
The tasting aims to make taste buds move and get the taster to think about the delightful dessert in a way it has never done before.

"There is a ton of variation that can potentially be there and how those flavors, potentially by working with those beans, can be changed, by the maker,” says head chocolate maker Damion Badalamenti.

Badalamenti knows all things chocolate and is working with the public to educate them, surprising them with each bite.

He says it's the way they work with the beans and the machines they use that can naturally change how bold, sweet or bitter it can be.

"You could be buying a chocolate bar that was literally made yesterday or the same day," says Badalamenti.

Fifth-generation cacao grower Nadia Rizek hopes that in the age where everyone wants to know what is in their products, people come see how their treats are made for themselves.

"There a lot going on here than what we have come to develop and understand for 105 years,” says Rizek.

Not forgetting the century-old Rizek cacao farmers, who taught them what they know.

"We wanted to represent all of these 100 years of knowledge and know how in our name,” says Rizek.

Rizek says they will continue to nurture the seeds they will eventually turn into something sweet miles away in Williamsburg.