Williamsburg hotel offers holiday ice skating 23 stories above the city

New Yorkers can skate in the sky this holiday season at the William Vale Hotel in Williamsburg.

News 12 Staff

Dec 3, 2020, 3:28 PM

Updated 1,327 days ago


New Yorkers can skate in the sky this holiday season at The William Vale hotel in Williamsburg.
For those looking to get into the holiday spirit, 23 stories above the East River there is an easy way to spread cheer and not COVID.
“This is the perfect escape,” says David Lemmond, general manager of The William Vale.
The hotel’s ice rink offers a chance to be safe while getting into the holiday spirit, as well as supporting an industry that has been hit hard during the pandemic.
"In the summertime, it's easy because of a lot of outdoor space as you have a pool, we have things that are easily recognizable. In the winter, it's a little bit harder, you have to really create things that set yourself apart,” says Lemmond.
Lemmond says the rink is perfect for novice skaters and that the synthetic ice, or “glice,” might make things easier.
"It doesn't require any cooling; it could be used in July [and] does as easily as in January,” says Lemmond.
Skaters can register online, and either rent or bring their own skates, which News 12 is told are wiped and sprayed down.
The William Vale says they are also working on setting up huts for outdoor dining on the roof in the coming weeks.

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