Williamsburg restaurant welcomes guests for Christmas dinner despite pandemic

Shalom Japan in Williamsburg is keeping its 8 year tradition of serving its customers dinner on Christmas while projecting Japanese films outside on their building alive this year despite the pandemic.
Located on the corner of South 4th Street and Rodney, the restaurant saw many customers Friday night.
Although its the first time customers can only dine outdoors, theyre still projecting japanese films on the side of their building for customers.
Their outdoor dining space features up to 11 tables and heat lamps.
Their fixed menu this christmas featuring their one of a kind fushion items like matzoh ball ramen, keeps bringing customers back.
And the general manager says despite some safety regulations due to COVID 19, its the second busiest christmas the restaurant has ever had.
Shalom Japan is closing after Christmas for the remainder of the year, but plans on opening their doors to customers again in January.