Bridgeport woman claims children were discriminated against by costumed characters at Legoland

Discrimination at amusement parks has become a hot topic recently after a group of parents announced they are Sesame Place in Pennsylvania. They have been getting national attention and now a Bridgeport woman says she and her family were mistreated at Legoland in New York.
Bridgeport mom Breana Ramsey says last month she was at Legoland in New York when she felt like her daughter and nephew were ignored by costumed characters.
In video she took during a dance party, she says when she watched it back it was clear to her that the white children got greeted with enthusiasm and the children who were not white were overlooked. She says it was upsetting and hard to explain to the children.
Ramsey says she wants more than an apology, she wants the employees disciplined and sensitivity training.
"You have a young child getting in a car saying 'Why don't they like me?' I don't care if you are Black, white, anything in between, would you want your kids saying 'Why don't they like me?'" said attorney Darnell Crosland.  
A Legoland spokesperson says they have opened an “urgent investigation.”
In a statement, Legoland said, “Providing a safe, fun environment for children and their families is our number one priority. As soon as we were made aware of this incident, we immediately attempted to contact the guest and opened an urgent investigation. Our company has zero tolerance for any behavior which doesn’t make our guests feel fully included. We always strive to create an environment and experience where everyone feels welcome.”
No lawsuit has been filed yet.
Another costumed character incident got national attention recently. In a video at Sesame Place, it appears a character dismissed Black children who were looking for a high-five. Sesame Place responded saying that it was a misunderstanding.