Woman claims rats have taken over her home due to building's holes, broken incinerator

A woman says she is terrified to live in her East Tremont apartment because rats have made themselves at home there.
Darlene Jackson says she's been seeing rats in her apartment every day since Friday. She's barricaded them in her kitchen but says they have taken over, claiming that the rats are coming from holes in the building. She also says that the building's broken incinerator is to blame. 
"I tried my best to block it, but now it's too many. There's too many for me to try and do anything at this point,” said Jackson. “I'm going to have to leave my apartment and I don't know what's going to happen, but I know it's not going to be anything good."  
Jackson says that she isn't the only one in the building with this issue, stating that some of her neighbors have complained about rats in their apartments as well. She says that they have tried reaching out to management but that the residents have yet to receive an answer.
"They keep changing management, right now we don't even have management,” said Jackson. “We don't even know who to pay rent to or anything like that."  
Jackson says that she spent last night at her cousin's house and is unsure what she'll do in the future if the problem persists, worried that she'll eventually have to leave her Bronx apartment after 33 years.