Woman claims wrongful eviction, files lawsuit against landlord

A woman says she was wrongfully evicted from her apartment in Williamsburg and is speaking out against her landlord.
Sara Oyola says she was evicted in 2017 from an apartment she lived in for nearly 30 years, but she says that the eviction isn't justified. Now she's filing a lawsuit against her former landlord in hopes of moving back into her apartment.
Oyola says she was living in an apartment on Lee Avenue in Williamsburg when she was told by her landlord at the time that she was being evicted so that the landlord could use the apartment for his daughter and her family.
She claims that landlord stated in court that work would be done on the apartment, and that it would be ready within a matter of months so that his daughter could move in.
Oyola says that since the eviction, no work has been done on the apartment, and it remains vacant. She's calling out the landlord for making fraudulent statements in housing court.
Oyola has teamed up with her attorney and housing activists in hopes of getting justice. Oyola says that since 2017 she's been living in temporary housing.
She says she just wants to move back into the place that she called home for almost 30 years.