Woman says her wheelchair was lost, damaged while flying on Delta

A 22-year-old woman from Queens spent last week vacationing in Disney World, but when it came time to return home, her wheelchair wasn’t ready at LaGuardia Airport
“They told me to go get my bags,” said Jessica Dalonzo. “They were going to call Orlando airport to see exactly where the chair went.”
Instead of being at LaGuardia waiting for her, Dalonzo learned her wheelchair ended up on a flight to Los Angeles.
The next day, her wheelchair returned to her, but she told News 12 that she was in shock at the condition it was in.
“The cushions are ripped. I have a special seat someone popped a hole in it… the motor is making noises,” said Dalonzo.
She told News 12 that since she did not have a backup, she is stuck at home until the situation gets resolved. Dalonzo says Delta has agreed to pay to fix the wheelchair.
Delta Airlines provided the following statement:
"We sincerely apologize for this customer's experience and are affirmatively working with the customer to make things right via repairs and compensation. We will continue to proactively work with our Advisory Board on Disability and our cross divisional operations teams to improve the travel experience for our customers with disabilities.”
As for Jessica Dalonzo, she says she plans on taking this case all the way to court.