Wyandanch HS offers programs to save students money for college

One school district on Long Island is covering college costs and helping students get ahead of the game.
Two different programs at Wyandanch High School are giving students early access to college.
"When we have students, low poverty students with the desire and will to transition to college, but unfortunately due to monetary reasons we try to give them a head start," says Wyandanch High School Principal Paul Sibbles.
It's also part of a bigger effort across the country to get children prepared and placed into careers that aren't being filled.
P-TECH is a $15,000 grant that covers the cost for some students to get into college.
Justin Henry is earning college credit for his precalculus class and each semester he takes around three to four college courses.
"It's hard work, but if you put your mind to it and determination, you can get it done," Henry says.
The school also offers a Smart Scholar Program, which is more of a dual enrollment while P-TECH is a specified track.
Both are prepping them for the real world once they graduate from high school.{