14-year-old entrepreneur launches sneaker line 'Lane 1'

Entrepreneurship is rising and one 14-year-old is joining the fray with a new sneaker business.
Bed-Stuy teen Amira Dior Traynham-Artis is already breaking into the fashion industry with her sneaker collection, Lane 1.
Dior says she's had an itch to own her own business since she was a child.
"Honestly at first, it started as just something I did for fun and now we have Lane 1, the shoe line," Traynham-Artis says. "I'm actually really proud of myself because I've always loved fashion and now I'm getting to share it with the world."
Her mother, Kenesha Traynham-Cooper, is the district leader for the 56th Assembly District.
She is also the president of the 4 Future Generations Entrepreneurship and Leadership Foundation.
"She was my blueprint, and making sure I do right by her makes a lot of sense so that I can teach others," Traynham-Cooper says.
Traynham-Artis says she grew up in an environment that pushed her to dream big.
She says it took her about a year to create her first sneaker, and finally, it is ready for sale.
While the project required long nights and hard work, she says she is grateful to see it come to life and for the support along the way.
While Traynham-Artis designed the sneaker in Brooklyn, the shoes are being made in Italy but are ready to be ordered and come in four different designs.
Traynham-Artis also has advice for other young entrepreneurs.
"Be you, be the person in your heart you feel you're meant to be. That's what I did and now I'm here," she says.
Friends and family members crowded the Suite Restaurant on Nostrand Avenue Sunday night to celebrate the sneaker line's launch.
To check out Lane 1, follow this link.