2-hour metered parking is coming to a Flatbush neighborhood

New metered parking signs installed Monday has caused major controversy on one small residential street in Flatbush.
Residents along East 10th Street told News 12 that they were given no official notice before the Department of Transportation installed street signs that will essentially take away 12 free parking spots from neighbors.
They will eventually be two-hour metered parking spots. The meters aren’t installed just yet, but the signs say they’re coming.
Residents say the new signage deeply affects their quality of life. They say previous metered parking on Church Avenue was taken out in favor of a new bus lane.
“Taxes are going up, and we can't even park on our block,” said one resident.
One neighbor who relies on public transit to get around thinks the DOT is making the right move.
“Making sure there are spaces for people that are visiting these businesses along Church Avenue without blocking the bus lane ensures that my commute and the commute of tens of thousands of other people isn’t slowed down by traffic,” said Elizabeth Denys.
News 12 reached out to the DOT, which said it is working closely to reduce traffic by improving parking. It also said it is listening to residents and businesses and is working to strike a solution.