2 people shot after DMX vigil; victim runs into News 12 vehicle for safety

Two people were shot blocks apart hours after a vigil for DMX in Mount Vernon Wednesday night - and one of the victims ran into the News 12 vehicle at the scene for safety. 
News 12's Ty Milburn and his photographer Dan Foley were on scene at the Fourth Street Playground covering the candlelight vigil for DMX. They were still at the scene hours later when one of the incidents occurred.
Milburn said he and Foley ran into the News 12 vehicle, and shortly after that, a bleeding victim got into the back of the car and asked to stay there for cover.
News 12 flagged down police, who were blocks away at the other shooting.
The victim was taken away in an ambulance, but it is unclear what his condition is. 
The News 12 team was not allowed back in the vehicle because it became part of the crime scene.
No other information was provided on the second shooting. There is no word if the shootings were connected.