Art, entertainment and technology come together at INTER_ in lower Manhattan

"INTER_" is a new immersive art experience in lower Manhattan that invites visitors to detach from reality and go on a journey of self-exploration.
The worlds of art, entertainment and technology collide in the Interverse exhibit. Visitors can sink their teeth into two floors of exhibits designed to stimulate your senses. There's also an immersion zone with a 3D generative art show and interactable walls.
Co-founder Ryan Nelson says he hopes INTER_ can be a positive force on the world, giving visitors a way to interact with water, fire and light like never before.
INTER_ is an experience for all ages that can be a personal funhouse or a spiritual journey. The tour usually takes around 45 minutes, but Nelson says it can be enjoyed at one's own pace.
Tickets can be bought online or at the door at 415 Broadway.