Assembly Member Frontus allocates $1 million in funding for projects across southern Brooklyn

Assembly Member Mathylde Frontus announced Thursday that she has allocated $1 million in capital funding for projects across southern Brooklyn.
The Democrat, who represents the 46th District, says she is giving back to the community that raised her by way of the $1 million fund.
"We’re talking about saving lives. I mean I can’t think of anything that’s more important than that," said Frontus. 
One of the projects includes $250,000 of funding for a new ambulance at the new Maimonides Emergency Center in Bay Ridge.
"When you’re having a medical emergency, every second counts. People who live in the area are going to be so grateful that if something happens, they don’t have to wait another minute," said Frontus.
Dr. Ahmed Rashed, the medical director of the newly opening emergency center,  says the new ambulance will help to close health care gaps in the community. 
"This facility will not be able to operate without these, because you can’t send patients to the main hospital in any other form of transport beyond a true 911 ambulance," said Rashed.
The new emergency center is set to open this September.