Baby calf seen running through Brooklyn finds home at New Jersey animal sanctuary

The calf that was spotted running through the streets of Canarsie on Tuesday has found herself a home at an animal sanctuary in New Jersey.  
Mike Stura, the founder of Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue in New Jersey, drove three hours to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to pick up the calf. The slaughterhouse and farmer had a change of heart following the calf’s runaway attempt and have agreed to free her.  
“We were able to get the farmer on the phone, and I had a three-way call with him and the slaughterhouse,” said Stura. “They both agreed to let me have the animal.” 
Both Stura and News 12 were unable to speak with anyone from Saba Live Poultry Slaughterhouse on Tuesday, but Stura was able to get in touch today with the owner, who was fully on board with Stura taking the animal.  
“I like to meet them, see who they are, then I name them,” said Stura. “Ninenty-nine percent of the time they end up with human names. The reason is to help humans see them as individuals.” 
Stura says he plans on getting the calf examined by a vet to ensure she is in good health before introducing her to the 450 other animals at his sanctuary.