Beach, forest and picnics! You can find it all on this trip to Heckscher State Park

Spend the day on the Great South Bay on this Road Trip: Close to Home to Heckscher State Park.
Make it a beach day. On the bay there are only little waves - it's great for little ones to play.
"We have the beach atmosphere, we have the forest areas, the picnic area atmosphere, the wetlands, so it's a very unique landscape here at Hecksher," says David Auguste.
Book a private picnic pavilion, there's a beautiful boat launch, paved paths, and playgrounds.
And they have one of the only disc golf courses on Long Island.
If you want to spend the night, bring a tent or your RV - or book one of their cottages. The cottage itself is cozy with luxuries of home - complete with a private beach and beautiful view.