Beach lovers flock to Coney Island

Beach season is officially underway in New York City - and Brooklyn residents headed to Coney Island Beach to soak in the sun.

Nadia Galindo

Jun 1, 2024, 2:41 AM

Updated 12 days ago


Many New Yorkers made their way to Coney Island's boardwalk and beach as Brooklyn expects its first weekend without rain since the beach opened Memorial Day weekend.
On Friday, many people spent time swimming for the first time this season as the city looks to prevent a lifeguard shortage to prevent the closure of pools and beaches as done in past years.
According to NYC Parks, there are about 300 lifeguards at New York City beaches, and 50 of them work at beaches in Brooklyn.
A NYC Parks spokesperson said they expect that number to grow through July Fourth as the department continues to recertify lifeguards.

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