Bed Stuy Volunteer Ambulance Corp celebrates over 3 decades of service with street fair

The Bed Stuy community celebrated the Volunteer Ambulance Corp’s three decades of service with a street fair.
It was founded in 1988 by the late Cpt. James “Rocky” Robinson, Specialist Joe Perez and Tamsin Wolf.
Over the years, the Corp has received several awards including EMS Agency of the Year from Regional Emergency Medical Council.
Their mission from the start has been not only to save lives, but to change lives through their medical programs.
They say it's an honor to continue to give back to their community.
"Especially after the pandemic – a lot of businesses shut down, a lot volunteer agencies lost their volunteers, and we are continuously growing,” said Commanding Officer Antoine Robinson. “We have three trucks out on the road. We are still training people…It's just a dream come true.”
For more information, visit the Bed Stuy Volunteer Ambulance Corp website.