Behind the scenes with the NYPD ahead of the US Open

With more than 750,000 fans and 600 players from around the world expected to be in New York City for the U.S. Open, security is top of mind for the New York City Police Department.  
“Planning for this event began the first day after last year’s U.S. Open,” says Commissioner Keechant Sewell. “This type of large-scale preparation is nothing new for the women and men of the NYPD.” 
Sewell says that many of the security measures will not be visible to the attendees, but there are security protocols that will be in plain sight.  
“There will be screening checkpoints throughout the venue,” says Sewell. “Uniformed officers on post and bike teams on mobile patrol.” 
And the surveillance just starts there – aviation, canine, harbor, transit, and counterterrorism surveillance units will assist alongside federal support.  
“We have no specific or credible threats to this event,” says NYPD Chief of Intelligence Thomas Galati. “However, whenever we have a large gathering and large profile event as this, we are going to treat this with the highest security possible.”