Belly flop: Expect a chlorine shortage this summer

There could be a shortage of the one thing needed to keep swimming pools healthy and safe.
Kevin Vevante is the owner of Aquacare pools in Hicksville. He says he never thought there would ever be a chlorine shortage -- but there is now.
The shortage is due to a fire at a chemical plant in Louisiana last August that was damaged by Hurricane Laura. As a result, prices for tabs have skyrocketed.
According to financial service company IHS Markit, chlorine prices are set to soar 70% this summer.
Experts says without chlorine, pools will become murky and potentially become a source of disease.
Eileen Vasti from Hicksville says she's stocking up because her family will be spending a lot of time home this summer.
"We don't want to run out and we heard that they're limiting you to half the amount you want, but here we were able to get what we needed," Vasti said.
Vevante says there are some different options available rather than chlorine tabs.
"They can use a powdered chlorine they can use a liquid chlorine, but it's an everyday affair," he said.
In order to make chlorine last longer, experts recommend showering before swimming, running systems longer to keep water circulating and keeping pets out. Experts say a dog in a pool is equivalent to 50 people swimming in that pool.
One alternative is converting to a saltwater pool to save money.
The chlorine shortage is expected to continue through next year.