Best of Brooklyn: Golden Fleece Karate Club

Young people in the borough are hoping to kick and punch their way to the Olympics.
Golden Fleece Karate Club in Brighton Beach recently came back from competition with an impressive 15 medals, with four of them being gold medals.
Stacy Kalinkina has been training to get a black belt since she was 4 years old. She now has her brown belt and just got back from the USA Open in Las Vegas, bringing home two gold medals.
"It's really exciting when I actually get to go to places because I get to visit places yet compete at once so I'm like discovering and competing," says Kalinkina.
The club president says the team includes kids ages 5 to 14, who all work very hard.

The team also includes both children from Brooklyn and all over the world, including Asia and Europe.

This summer, Kalinkina will be competing to hopefully make it onto the junior Olympic team.She says her dream is to compete in the Olympics.

"Getting that feeling of standing on the first-place pedestal there," says Kalinkina.

She's also getting ready for a belt test next month, to finally turn in her brown belt for a black one.