Best of Brooklyn: Brooklyn Granola

Best of Brooklyn: Brooklyn Granola

A college professor in the borough is changing the way residents snack by creating the Brooklyn Granola company.
Brooklyn Granola aims to promote healthy eating with its vegan, organic and gluten free granola ball snacks.

College Professor Margaret Barrow started the company less than two years ago, after her students insisted she sell her homemade snacks in stores.

"Some of my students were saying 'Professor Barrow you know that you can actually make a business out of this', and I said no. When you have a full life, like why would you add more, so I thought about it and I said if I could marry these two passions for cooking healthy foods and mentoring then I think I can do this," says Barrow.

Barrow says she wants the business to have an impact on the community, so she's planning to donate a portion of the proceeds to community college mentoring programs.

With the help of three of her mentees who work with her, Barrow is able to bring the product to life.

"Being a part of something positive, you know, it causes you to think about your own life and when it's time for you to go out and chase your own dreams, then you can carry those same core values with you," says Candice Ricks, social media manager for Brooklyn Granola.

The granola balls are sold in stores around the borough, with the goal of one day expanding to stores outside of Brooklyn.

Barrow says as the company continues to grow, she wants to continue her efforts in mentoring, hoping to purchase a building where she can house community college students in need.

"I would love to be able to do that and I hope that this company will give us the opportunity to take care of those students, and then ask them to pay it forward," says Barrow.