Big changes coming to green card application process

Big changes are coming to green card applications. Applicants will now be asked to share more personal information. 
Information such as finances and assets, age, health, education, and skills will now be asked to be put on greed card applications starting Dec. 23. 
Nat, who did not want to show her face on camera, spoke with News 12 about all the things that could change for her if she had a green card.  
“I haven’t gotten to visit my family,” said Nat. “I’ve had family that’s passed away that I wasn’t able to go to funerals for, like my grandparents.” 
As a resident in the U.S. since 1990 and a native of Trinidad and Tobago, Nat is now rushing to get her green card application in before the changes take place.  
Immigration attorney Lymari Casta says the changes reflect how the government determines whether a green card applicant is or could become a public charge – someone dependent on government assistance – by looking at the new list of factors previously mentioned.  
“Basically, the government wants to know if this person is going to be able to work,” said Casta. “Again, this is another hurdle applicants for legal permanent residence will have to overcome, especially those people who are older and may not be able to work anymore.” 
Casta says applicants should prepare to prove how they can fully support themselves, and should do so with an attorney, especially when dealing with family applications.  
If you’re looking to submit the application before these rules take place, it must be postmarked by Dec. 22.