Board of Correction can no longer independently review video from city jails

The New York City Board of Correction says that it no longer has the right to independently review video from city correctional facilities.  
It says that the Department of Correction “revoked” the board’s access to view the body camera video and handheld videos from correctional facilities, and the board says the decision is at odds with the city charter, which allows it the right to inspect books, records, documents and more.  
The DOC says that the protocol has only changed how the Board of Correction can access all real-time camera footage. A Department of Correction spokesperson says that Board of Correction staff is able to view footage at a designated location which, they say, aligns with the city charter. The statement goes on to say the following: 
“We are an agency deeply committed to transparency… we remain committed to working with the BOC, and their new chair, to build a safer and more humane jail system.” 
The Board of Correction is now requesting immediate and full restoration of access to and recording of these videos.