BP Eric Adams expanding ‘Operation Safe Shopper' program amid rise in hate crimes against Asian Americans

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams announced that his office will expand a program that launched over three years ago, amid incidents of hate against Asian Americans. 
The Operation Safe Shopper program is aiming to get more cameras on the street and hoping to catch incidents of hate on tape. 
Adams tells News 12 the initiative has already been successful in other parts of Brooklyn, such as East New York and Crown Heights. 
He says his office is working with the Brooklyn Community Improvement Association, which will play a part in identifying the best store front locations, where cameras can be installed facing New York City streets. 
“We’re going to find you, we’re going to photo you, we’re going to identify you, arrest you and we’re going to prosecute you... you will be held accountable," said Adams. 
The cameras are expected to add to cameras that businesses already have in place.