Bravo Brooklyn: Gym Star gives back to community after time behind bars

Despite spending more than a decade behind bars, a Brownsville man is working hard to give back to his community and make a difference.
"Gym Star" spends most of his time training people in his community. He says life wasn't always so great for him.
"I legally changed my name after doing 12 1/2 years in prison for a robbery I didn't commit," says Star.
Star says in prison an inmate is considered just a number, and it wasn't something he was ready to accept. That is what inspired him to change his name.
"Gym Star stands for great young minds striving towards amazing results," says Star.
While still serving out his sentence, he began to focus on fitness and health. He says he did it not only for himself but also for his fellow inmates.
Star says he was training inmates in prison who were serving life sentences all while thinking about Brooklyn and the Brownsville community.
Star was released early for good behavior, and two years later has a huge following. Star holds fitness classes for the community and other health-related events like CPR training.
This is an opportunity for kids to meet up and interact with each other. He says he is trying to be an example of how to make something out of nothing.
"If you look at the world like it's yours, you'll be able to change the world right around you," says Star.